What’s the Deal with Free No Deposit Bankrolls?

Lots of people want to play online poker, but not everyone wants to make a deposit at an online poker site. Why don’t people want to deposit? Some people feel like their money won’t be safe on an online poker site. Some people don’t want to go through the trouble of depositing, or don’t feel comfortable giving an online poker room their personal financial information.

Finally, some people just don’t want to lay out the cash.
Online poker rooms recognized this issue and decided to create a way that potential players could sample their rooms without going through the hassle of depositing at an online poker rooms. They decided to offer those players some free cash – usually an amount ranging from $25 to $150 – to try out their room.

So Why Do Room Just Hand Out Free Poker Money With No Deposit?
They don’t exactly hand out free money. There are some restrictions on no deposit bankrolls, because if there weren’t any restrictions, people would just take the cash and run, not trying out the poker room at all. That would, of course, undermine the whole point of giving away poker cash for free with no deposit. Instead, rooms employ what are called “play through” restrictions. While it may sound complicated and unfamiliar, a play through restriction is actually quite simple and is generally a component of all online poker bonuses, not just free poker money with no deposit bonuses.

What is a Play through Restriction? Can I Get a Poker Bankroll Without One?
As mentioned above, play through restrictions is ubiquitous when it comes to any sort of online poker bonus, no deposit bankrolls included. The core purpose of a play through restriction is simply to ensure that players who take a bonus from an online poker room don’t simply grab the cash without playing at the room.

To put an end to such abuse, poker room attached a simple restriction to the bonuses: Players must play a certain amount at the room before they can withdraw their bonus. Here’s an example: Brett gets a free poker bankroll at Titan Poker – $150 – when he signs up through FreePokerMoneyNoDeposit.net. Before he can withdraw the $150, he needs to play a certain amount of hands. Usually play-through is based upon the player point system of the room, so Brett would have to earn a few hundred Titan Poker Points before he would be able to withdraw his no deposit bankroll.

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