Is online poker fixed / rigged?

Poker Fixed Rigged

1 – The player with most chips/money is 99% favorite in a all-in situation even if you have a pair of aces and made trips on the flop! And this makes even more sense if you think that a poker room makes money on the rake that they charge on each hand played.

So the more money in the pot the more they make and of course they have all interest in keeping the players that play full stack and on higher limits happy all the time!

2 Connected with this one then of course you see a lot more AA against KK online than you would ever see playing live. They do this to make sure that the players will commit all their money to the pot and they get the maximum amount of rake.

3 The same is valid for tournaments, typically if there is a guy leading the table with more than 2 times the average chips on the table then is almost certain that we will get that impossible card on the river to win with a straight or some kind of impossible hand.

From my own experience and knowing this I have decided to adjust my poker game when I play online and of course when I’m on top I make sure that I will extract as much money/chips as possible and when I’m down I play ultra tight and avoid at all costs a battle with the chip leader

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